Monday, June 15, 2009

Thinking of my Parents

When I was a little girl I asked my parents for a doll I saw on television. All I knew is that I had to have it. My parents told me no and I cried for hours. I continued to ask them and every time they told me no I cried my self to sleep. I never considered their situation. I was a child and only knew that the desires of my heart I should receive. Damn, my parents situation I wanted that doll!
Talking to my sister on the phone she heard my oldest fussing over something he wanted. Funny how we receive pay back from our own children. As a child we don't think maybe my parents have to pay bills or the car needs to be fixed. I saw my parents as being mean for not getting me the things I wanted. Now I understand what is means to be a parent. Sometimes you have to be the bad guy. You have to make big choices for the family and some of them hurt.
I don't celebrate mother or father's day but I do know and show how much I love my parents. My father and mother didn't always have much but they gave what they could. I still see them giving and doing all that they can for their grandchildren. Life lessons are always present and through my children I am always learning. I thank God for the lessons I have learned and will continue to experience.
-Peace Mamas

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