Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bring "Pink" into your office

Summer is here and bright colors are a must in the wardrobe. Don't be caught in the office with the basic neutrals. Bring a little fun into your work wardrobe by adding pink.
The best way to add pink can be with your shoes. Pink flats or heels combined with your outfit will spark some conversations in the office.
Pair your pink shoes up with
  • a black dress
  • white button up shirt with black pants
  • a black blouse and gray skirt
Any favorite neutral combination you always play it safe with wearing add pink shoes.
Options are endless with pink but I'll let you decide. To my mamas that don't work in the office but are scared to add color to their wardrobe try wearing some pink shoes, a pink hand bag, bracelet, or glasses. Barbie has fun with pink and we can too!
-Peace Mamas

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