Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Get your facts straight!!!

So many myths have been around for years about makeup and how it affects yours skin. I only see it right to set the record straight. My conversations with clients, friends, and just in general bring me to the conclusion that we are ignorant to this topic.
  • Myth number 1: Makeup makes your skin breakout.
A foundation just might cause an allergic reaction but most often that's not the case. Really the only way makeup can break you out is if you go to sleep with it on. Proper cleansing of the skin leaves makeup no room to break out your skin. Also another factor of your skin breaking out can simply be from not cleaning your brushes or over using those little sponges that come with your foundation or eyeshadow.
  • Myth number 2: Makeup will break down your skin and make you look older in the future.
Makeup actually protects your skin from all the bad elements in the environment. Most powder foundations and eye shadows have SPF in them. You will get older but properly taking care of your skin will help the aging process look wonderful. Let's face it your gonna have wrinkles one day but if your a Black Mama you have a lot of time. So don't worry yet about the crows feet knocking at your door come 40. Don't blame your old face on the makeup. Blame your broken down face on being too lazy to take care of your skin, not keeping a proper diet, smoking and drinking too often, or your parents passed down bad genes
Myth number 3: Makeup makes people look pretty that are ugly. So ugly people depend on makeup, I have natural beauty.
Well, I say to this one... It doesn't matter how much makeup you wear if your ugly your ugly.
Some women that wear makeup that look pretty are ugly just by their personality. I will say that makeup enhances the beautiful features that already exist. A lady asked me was I wearing MAC. I said no the Queen collection but it doesn't matter what foundation you wear if you have healthy beautiful skin. In order for makeup to do its best beauty already has to exist.
So there you have it Mamas, Makeup is not the enemy of your skin. Most often you are the problem. Lets try first achieving healthy skin and then apply makeup.
_Peace Mamas...Don't get it twisted your listening 2 a pro!!!

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