Friday, February 27, 2009

The grudge

I must say it's so hard to find a picture expressing the emotion or action of having a grudge. In search of a picture I came to understanding most times a grudge can't be seen. When a person has a grudge towards you it's not usually expressed physically. Occasionally you can pick up on the vibe of grudge if your sensitive enough to how others treat you. What is a grudge? How does a grudge come about?
Looking up the definition I came to see a grudge embodies many negative feeling such as bitterness, jealousy, envy, and malice. It's an extreme resentment towards another because of so called wrong doing. Grudges usually come about because you are offended by someone and never confront the person about your hurt.
I often see my oldest son Jasiyah and his cousin Isaiah get into fights or arguments. Right away when they are hurt by one another its expressed . One will scream,"You hurt me ,I'm not your friend no more". It's funny how children can be so honest and open about their feelings without harboring them inside. It is said if someone offends you to come to them alone and tell them their offence.
Most often we confide in others our hurt instead of letting that person who has offended know their fault. Sometimes we spread rumours without really examining the entire situation. If the time is taken to talk to that person you might just find out that person is truly sorry or find out somethings about yourself. I my self have carried grudges but its a heavy bag to carry. I think it's time we but down the heavy bags and open them so we can get rid of all that's weighing us down. Sometimes we say we are okay or cool with whomever has created the the offence, but how can you be alright if it never was talked about? Knowing that a grudge contains so much negativity, why would we want to carry so much hate? Think about it.
-Peace Mamas ... Put down the heavy bags

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