Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Future Artist on The Rise

When I met her I would never guess she could sing. When I found out she could sing I would never guess she could rap. Laneta Downing is an artist on the rise. I compare her to Mary J. Blige but the girl can rap just as well as she can sing. Her voice touches your spirit and a way that I can't explain. You have to hear her perform and then you will understand. I have heard this lady sing Happy Birthday and people cry. Hopefully she will be coming out with another sister soon. I know Laneta will go far and I wish her all the success. Her voice is blessed and she can flow better than many female rap artists. She is humble with her talent and sings about positive and righteous topics. Don't sleep on this sister. Hope to soon be posting her music in the near future. Love you Neta Peta, lol.
Everyone has a beautiful God given talent. Be humble with it.
-Peace Mamas

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