Thursday, August 14, 2008

F is 4 Fibromas

I remember my Grandma having small dark brown bumps on her face. I sometimes wondered were they freckles or moles. I never really understood them and assumed most black people just had them.Morgan Freemon is another man I saw with these small dark brown bumps on his face. I graduated from Aesthetics School and they never really touched on black skin. So my questions were never really answered until I researched black skin my self. Our skin is so unique and different from our white counterparts. I decided to specialize in black skin as an esthetician because its an area not touched to often by the aesthetics world.
Well, if you read the title remember it. The dark brown bumps are called small fibromas. That word may sound scary Mamas but the lesions are non-cancerous and normal in black skin. Fibromas are small growths made up of fibrous tissue. They are not to be confused with moles, skin tags, or freckles. Although they can be considered in the same family. Most commonly black skin will produce fibroma. I know for me I had started to get them after having my first baby. I actually like them but some people don't like them on their face. Fibromas can be easily removed if you really feel like they take away from your appearance. I don't think Morgan Freemon would be him without them. I see it has our own special characteristic for our skin. F is for Fibromas. Now if some one asks you " Are those freckles on your face?" You can respond, " No, they are called fibromas." LOL
We learn something new everyday...
-Peace Mamas

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