Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ancient Beauty Secrets

Hey Mamas, sorry it's been so long. I'm back working now in the field i love. Beauty and skin care have always been a love of mine. Now I get to come back to it after a long wait. I also like to try new things in the beauty industry. I don't know Mamas if you heard about eyebrow threading. It's an ancient beauty secret of the East Indian culture. Most little girls in India learn to do this technique at age 6 or 7. It's apart of their culture and I was told many times they don't teach "other people" this technique of threading the eyebrows. I really wanted to learn and was faced with trying to read a book or watch a video.
I prayed to the Lord for guidance and for him to bless my hands.
Looking on Youtube I found some demonstrations and started to copy them.
After that I sat down and tried to see if I could thread my leg hair off, lol. Mamas it worked!!!! I was so excited and thanked the Lord for opening my eyes that much to get the basic technique down. I'm practicing now but check me out when I'm a professional at eyebrow threading.
I have to go back to this ancient secret of Indian women because I feel a great deal on this topic. I don't understand why some one wont teach other techniques of their culture. In our culture we are known for braiding and cornrowing hair. We are the best at those beauty techniques but many want to learn from us. Black women are willing to show others their "ancient" braiding styles everyday. I refuse to let anyone tell me I cant do something because its of an other's culture. As long as it's not madness and I want to try it I will find a way. Learn something new and try to become perfect at doing it. Nothing is too far to grasp the understanding of learning. The word "can't" shouldn't be in our vocabulary. Letting others block you from trying or learning new things will keep you from growing.
Learn new things...
-Peace Mamas

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