Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mama of the Week:Vanessa Morales bka Mashayachaah Labyaah

Mama of the Week is Vanessa Morales. My big sister 4 ever. I had never been friends with a Hispanic sister before so Vanessa was one of the 1st. I met her through a site we both like to look at and talk to others about the truth. Our friendship came from our first conversation about eyebrows. We both love makeup and beauty so we already had a common bond. Our strongest bond is Christ and I know her friendship was God sent. Vanessa taught me so many things I will always remember. She introduced me to Puerto Rican cuisine that my oldest son loves. Her chicken rice and beans are off the hook. Not only can she cook but writing beautiful touching poems is her specialty. She is very humble and loves hard when you become her friend. Vanessa has a kind heart that touches others. My sister and friend you are great never forget that. Go do what you have to do to meet your goals. She knows what I'm talking about. I love you very much.
P.S. Mamas tell another sister how special they are. You never know what they are going through.
-Peace Mamas

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