Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mama's Tip:Trick Your Little Ones into Drinking Water

Lets face it little kids don't like to drink water. It doesn't matter how healthy you brought them up from a baby. Once they get a taste of juice they hate to go back to the bland taste of water. I currently found out that Deer Park has water called Aqua Pods. My sons love these little waters. I think the shape of them and the size make them very appealing to small people. If you don't believe it just try it for a week. I believe it comes in a pack of eight. Your children will become "Super Drinking Aqua Kids" within the blink of an eye. You can find them in your local stores every where Deer Park is available. Here are some other ways to get the little ones drinking more water...

  • I sometimes cut up lemons in their water. The boys like to watch the fruit float around the bottle.
  • Tinted water in a cool color will please the kiddies. Add a drop of food dye in the water and shake.
  • Let them only have juice at night for dinner and the rest of the day drink water. I tried it but the boys went crazy ...lol
  • They now have these individual flavoring packets to put in water. Try sprinkling a few drops in the water but not the entire packet.

Hope this helps your Aqua Babies to be healthy and happy!

-Peace Mamas

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