Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Indirect Talk infects the Masses

Hey Mamas,

I was out last week with my sister and while we
were eating I noticed a couple at a table both texting on their phones. OK this is normal for today's society but I saw this with 3 different tables. While eating their dinner they have the phone sitting there like a little computer waiting for messages. Whatever happen to talking to each other? The third wheel now in a date is Mr. Text. I have friends that tell me I talked to you twice this week and I'm like no you didn't you texted me. Don't get me wrong texting is helpful to get the word out and let someone know something while their not in your presence. The infection of this indirect talk is causing the younger generation to not have any type of social skills. When I was dating all you did was talk on the phone all day and all night and then hook up later. Now people breakup with you through a text. Some of us at times hide behind a screen betraying a certain life. Couples say they are wonderful but cussing each other out once they get home. A girl sits at home saying she is bored and logs on to talk to her boyfriend...a man that is 50yrs old but puts up pictures of a young man he copied and pasted from another boys page. In this little crazy cyber world I do say be careful. We can say words that my seem cold or things we can never take back. We use this indirect talk and no one can see your face so we go off assuming is so and so okay...? Lets go back to the basics sometime. Go have a nice long talk with a friend, love one, child, etc. Let's talk face to face...something seems so much more personal and sweet to look a person in the eye and say So how was your day girl? I've been infected by the indirect talk bug but that doesn't stop me from having face to face gatherings and talking on the phone to hear another's voice say hello.
Try it... you just might like it.

-Peace Mamas

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