Monday, January 25, 2010

Dress Like a True Romantic

Hey Mamas!
Love is in the air and you want to show it. My little sister asked me last week what would I call the style of dress I had on. I told her "Romantic"and my husband laughed. The Romantic or feminine chic is truly a style of dress. If you want to show your tender and delicate side I have some very easy ways to dress like the True Romantic. Keep in mind this style is nice for dates, proms, weddings, and when you just want to be a doll.
  • Pearls are a must. It doesn't matter what color you wear just have some around the neck,in the ears, or on the wrist.
  • Pastel colors are another key principle to the romantic look. You can go with some winter pastel colors that have darker undertones to them.
  • Ruffles on the collar of a shirt , dress or sweater are very sweet in achieving this style.
  • Add a charm bracelet or necklace to create a dainty playfulness to the outfit
  • A pastel cardigan paired with a silky camisole will complete any romantic creation.
  • Suede boots,pumps, or flats finish off this soft and delicate look.

Ladies have fun showing a little

Romance your style today!

-Peace Mamas

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