Monday, January 25, 2010

Beauty Trend: Back2 Basics...Lets go Natural

Hey Natural Mamas!
The growing trend is to go natural. Many black women are going back to their natural beauty of hair. Many beauty lines are creating pure products for the natural lady in you. We cant forget skin care. The new beauty trend is to go back to the basics. Products free from chemicals can be seen in your local drug and beauty supply stores. As an esthetician that specializes in black skincare I suggest natural products to my clients. Ingredients that occur in nature produce great results of change in the skin My favorite current natural skincare line right now is Wisdom Holistic Skin and Hair. The products are very effective and energizing to the skin. Wisdom Holistic Hottest Products to try are:
Healing Butter: This butter truly heals the skin. The Healing Butter you can use from head to toe. The sweet smell of lemons will have you in love with this creamy butter. I scrape the jar every time I get this product because its that great.
Castile Liquid Cleansers: These gel like cleansers will have you skin squeaky clean and fresh. The cleanser come in a variety of scents and uses such as Country Lavender, Peppermint Magic,Lemongrass Zen, Tea Tree, and my favorite that leaves your skin tingling Sweet Orange.
Go natural today!... check out

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