Monday, January 18, 2010

In The Meantime

On my long hiatus from my blog I have been through life changes that only I can understand. When tribulation hits home and much chaos evolves in your life I look around at all that I do have to be thankful for. How many of us can be thankful for the bad things that happen in our lives? When hell hits and you have lost a job, a love one, your home or a car can you stand in your tribulation and smile. In all situations there is something to learn whether they be good or bad. Don't get me wrong I have my days when a dark cloud comes I'm not always smiling, but if I can get through it I know I will be stronger. The cliche saying that we always hear is "what doesn't kill you only will make you stronger". I watch the tribulation in Haiti and wonder how would I feel if that was me or my family. How would I feel if I was in a collasped building breathing out of an air pocket hoping and praying the Lord would send someone to help me. Looking at others go through affliction makes my pain less difficult to go through. In the meantime of my hardships I pray for the good but I wont stay in a place of pity for my self nor my situation. Someone out there is going through much more hell than me and surviving to breathe is their blessing.
-Peace thankful

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