Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Having his say...

Hey Mamas,

My son was coming home from school with left over sandwiches in his bag each day. Then I decided to start asking him did he want me to make his sandwich...he would reply no. I got to the point I didn't feel like there was a reason to make his lunches so I let him eat lunch at school. Last night he asked me could he bring a lunch to school. Then he kept asking me could he make his own lunch. As I watched my son make his own sandwich I realized he is growing up. I found out he doesn't like cheese on his sandwich and loves tons of pickles on it. Letting your child have some choices as they get older makes them feel like a big kid. I know Jasiyah was so happy to feel like he can do adult things on his own. I remember driving my grandmother crazy because I wanted to eat mayonnaise sandwiches. She would get mad every time I picked the meat off. As children get older they start to know exactly the things they like and don't like. A child having their say on small things makes them less indecisive in the future to make big decisions.
-Peace & Many Blessing

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