Thursday, March 11, 2010

Waiting to be a Mama...

Hey Mamas,
My sister Qee is having a baby boy soon. When I think of her it brings me back to having my first son. While the baby grows bigger in your womb and the due date is nearing your wondering will you be a good mother. What will the baby look like? How painful will it be to have him? So much would go through my head. Then the time had came for me to have my baby and I was so scared but ready to have him. When it was time to push I was so tired. I told everyone around me I don't want to push no more. The one thing that made me keep pushing is when my sister Courtney said "Don't you want to see your baby?" I thought to my self this is what you been waiting for... push so you can see this baby that kept you up all night, kicked you repeatedly and now has you in the greatest pain ever in life! Holding my son in my arms was the best feeling. All my worries and doubts went away while holding him in my arms. The road ahead of me in finding my way as a mommy was a rough one but I learned many valuable lessons. Now I have 5 boys and each one of them I have learned something new about being a mommy. A true woman just has that God given instinct in her to be a great mother. All I can say to my sister Qee is you will be a good mommy. I know you will...
Peace & Many Blessings

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