Thursday, March 11, 2010

We are not crabs!

Hey Mamas!
In my search to get my blog more exposure I looked for other mom blogs like mine. I came across another mommy blog that I really enjoyed. When I wrote the sister an email she wrote me back with the same kindness and added me to her blog list. I don't think she knows how much that meant to me. So many times I have experience negativity from other sisters that are in the same field as me. I have dealt with jealousy and hate in many other fields like beauty and fashion. I sometimes ask my self when did it become a competition. Why are we as black women quick to see our fellow sister as an enemy? They say we are like crabs in a barrel ...quick to pull each other down. When will we start to support one another and want to see each other go far? I remember it being rumoured that Jennifer Hudson and Beyonce were fighting on the set of Dream Girls but all of this was lies. I saw not too long ago the media saying Oprah is messing with Obama and Michelle hates Oprah. The media wants to put this madness in our hearts and show other people that the black woman hates herself. A lack of confidence is going around like an ugly virus infecting the masses. When you hate another sister and her success it's like hating your self. I wont stand on my soap box and point the finger at everyone else. When I say this to my mamas I also say this to my self. I can't say I have never been negative towards another sister. I will say I have enough sense to know it's wrong and try my best to maintain being positive. Love your sister and support her when she is doing positive things. We are paving a way for our younger sisters to be positive women in the future.
Check out The Young Mommy Life!
I'm loving her blogs...
-Peace & Many Blessings

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