Thursday, March 25, 2010

Black Mama, Brown Mama...We are sisters, Right!

Hey Mamas,
Sometimes I get these emails that show black NFL or NBA players with white women. As I scroll down I see some of these men with Latina women. My first thought is that's not a white woman. Many times I have heard women say Kobe Bryant is with a white girl but he is with a Latina woman. Why are black women calling Latino or Hispanic women white? When we are classified in demographics of poverty, education and much more we are grouped together. I don't see Latino women getting the same benefits as white women. I see them going through the same struggles as black women. We are sisters and I hope one day many understand that. I have
Puerto Rican and Dominican friends that I love dearly that go through the same problems as I do dealing with race and gender. Another fact about Latina women is they all don't have light skin and long silky hair. I have seen many Hispanic mamas with hair like mine and darker than me. We are sisters even if we look different or speak another language. If a black man is with an Latina mama its okay...just know she is a sistah. I don't see them getting mad when we are with Hispanic brothers. Just a thought think about it.
-Peace Mamas

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  1. Why would it be a problem if a black guy with a white woman, or a black woman with a white guy? Just genuinely curious because I am from another country and have been in the states only for a little while so far... Thank you in advance for your thoughts to my question.