Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mama's New Hot Find! :Chocolate Cheerios

Hey Mamas,
Two weeks ago I was in the grocery store with one of my sons. Skye jumps off the cart and grabs down some Chocolate Cheerios. I turn my nose but thinking yuck. I have always hated chocolate cereals. A couple of days later we are having cereal for breakfast and majority of the boys want some. I'm feeding my youngest son his Chocolate Cheerios and decided to have a little bite. The baby starts crying because I'm eating more of his cereal than feeding. I must say this cereal has grown on me and I love it! Most chocolate cereals are full of sugar but this has just the right amount of sweetness. Chocolate Cheerios has grown on me and it gets better with every bowl I eat. I am a chocolate lover so hopefully I will have my Cheerios before I go grab a candy bar. Try Chocolate Cheerios...go get a box today! the ingredients you will be surprised. You can read every
-Peace & Many Blessings

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