Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Where have all the nice girls gone?

Hey Mamas!
We have all used "lol" or put up a smiley face. In a text, IM, an email, or post on some social site we will see them. When we see this acronym or face we know the person is being friendly. I usually go on social sites or IM people and we will laugh it up on the computer. Sometimes I will have friendly conversations on the computer. I leave off the cyber world thinking dag so and so is a nice person. The funny thing that I experience is when I meet them in person they are nothing like I expected them to be. What shocks me the most but shouldn't is their not friendly and even sometimes very rude...smh(yes I'm really shaking my head!) In this day and age being nice can be masked with a smiley face and lol. I'm thinking if you took the time to be kind on the computer do the same in person. Let's be real mamas! I don't think you have to run and jump in someones arms hugging them and screaming hello. I do think you can say hello and seriously mean it without having your face screwed up. Nice girls and women need to make a come back. If you are really mean or don't want to be bother act that way on the computer. Blaque Beauty Mama in this blog that's what your gonna get. Yes at times I may be a little bit shy but if you come and talk to me I will more times than never act like I don't know you. I have a personality like my mother. My mother will talk to strangers like she knew them forever. Yes, the cyber world is different but my question is "Does this change who you are in person?" I don't think it should...
-Peace & Many Blessings

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