Friday, March 19, 2010

Wisdom of Skin Care Game: Will you be the winner?!!

Hey Mamas,
In one of my previous blogs I wrote about natural skin care being a growing trend in the cosmetic industry. One of my favorite natural skin care lines I mentioned in my blog was Wisdom Holistic Skin & Hair. I love their products and today 2 lucky winners will each receive a Sweet Orange Cleanser and a 4oz.Healing Butter. I must say this is a treat because both products work wonders on the skin. Now here comes the fun part....
Are you ready to play?....
You will need to answer these 3 questions by going to for the answers.
1. Name 3 ingredients used in Wisdom Holistic Products.
2. If you have a dark line across your nose...What health problem is present in your body?
Hint: Read- Article "Beauty Is Good Health" to find this answer on the site)
3. Name 2 skin care problems Healing Butter cures.
****The 2 Mamas that email me 1st the correct answers will win the 2 Free Skin Care Products!!!****
Email me your answers at!!!!
-Peace & Many Blessings

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