Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gifted Hands...Meet the talented Daniele Johnson

I went on a short hiatus due to many changes...what else is new. In the life of being a mommy there is always plenty to do and much more ahead of you. In my busy travels I got to take out some well needed time for my self. I was finally able to get my hair treated and styled by one of the hottest natural hair stylist in Baltimore. Daniele Johnson's work speaks for its self. While other stylist are still figuring out how to keep up she is far beyond her years of natural styling. Many people have taken care of my hair but I will say Daniele has been my one true favorite. So while she was twisting my locs I was able to interview Daniele about hair, being natural, and much more. Her thoughts are deep and always make you think. I hope you enjoy the interview...

BB Mama: When did you become a natural hair stylist?

DJ: I've been doing hair since 2002. Labeled as a natural hairstylist in 2005.

BB Mama: Why did you decide to work with natural hair?

DJ:  Natural hair has so much more strength, texture, feeling, growth, and energy...that it made me appreciate it.

BB Mama: In three words describe natural hair?

DJ: Strength, Conductor of Energy, & True

BB Mama: What would you say to a black woman scared to go natural?

DJ: Come see uuummm No, I would say, first observe thoughts as to why you are afraid to go natural. Examine is it truly you or is it the reaction or thoughts of others...and then the conversation starts.

BB Mama: Would you ever work on clients with relaxed hair ?

DJ: Absolutely, but not applying or the application of chemicals.

BB Mama: How long have you been natural?

DJ: For 9years

BB Mama: Why did you choose to go natural?

DJ: I wanted to truly see what I was made of without chemical manipulations.

BB Mama: Is it important to use natural hair products?

DJ: Absolutely.

BB Mama: What products do you use on your clients?

DJ: Natural oils, essential oils and herbal remedies...all that I make and formulate my self.

BB Mama: What should future clients look forward to experiencing their first time with you?

DJ: They can expect to experience good energy.

BB Mama: What sets you apart from other natural hairstylist?

DJ: People would have to judge that for themselves. Check out

BB Mama: Why do you think hair is so important to black women?

DJ: Because its an extension of expression.

BB Mama: What hairstyles do you offer?

DJ: I like to use adjectives to describe my hairstyles. I offer hairstyles as such; stylish, classical, creative, "fly", sexy , cool, simple, etc.

BB Mama: What does Itarah mean?

DJ: Royal Female

BB Mama: How do you balance your career with your personal life?

DJ: Teamwork. My whole household is involved with everyday life. One particular job is not limited to one particular person. Everyone pitches in and helps with everything.

BB Mama: What are your career goals in the future?

DJ: To keep progressing and forever learning.

Daniele Johnson a natural stylist with understanding of natural hair's beauty,creative thoughts, humble, and great abilities to transform the energy of hair. Check her out at


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