Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hair done, nails done,...oooo no look @ her face!

While your dancing to Drake's song Fancy did you ever think "pizza face" doesn't fit the description Miss Fancy Pants. I find it to be a horrible problem among black women to leave their skin as the last priority. Washing your face with bar soap and rubbing Vaseline on your face just wont cut it. Sorry mamas a great amount of us don't have Lena Horne's genes to just apply Vaseline on our faces and wake up spectacular. If your first thought is to make sure the hair, nails and clothes are right please remember your face is the first to be seen. You just might be fancy but the blemishes and dark marks will over shadow your wonderful look. So now is the time to get your skin healthy and blemish free.

Follow these simple steps and be "Fancy" From Head, Face, to Toe!

  • Find out your skin type... Are you Normal, Oily, Dry, or Combo?
  • Start off with the basics Cleanse, Tone , & Moisturize
  • Try spot treatments for your blemishes.
  • Look for moisturizers with a SPF of 15. Yes. mama you need to protect your skin from the sun as well. Black skin loves to produce pigmentation. If you pick a pimple the skin will produce more pigmentation to protect your skin. A dark mark will protect your skin before it does the job for you.
  • Don't pick pimples!
  • Visit a esthetician once a month to get your skin properly cleansed.
  • Try to use an exfoliant for the face at least every other week.
  • Masks are fun and can bring extra care to the skin. Try using a mask twice a month.
  • Find a great dermatologist if you are really having horrible skin care problems
  • Drink lots of water!
Try some of these steps on the list. Make sure to keep up with a skin care regimen day and night.

 Now is the time to make your skin the first priority!

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