Saturday, June 28, 2008

Out with The Old in with The New

Hey, Mamas my sister suggested this topic so how can I say no. Have you been a little nasty ?Yes, I said nasty. Holding on to makeup because you like the container or had it for years. Yes you are nasty Mama and you know it. I my self have been a victim to holding on to old make-up for years. Well ladies its time to clear those make-up bags out. Open up those bags and start tossing out the old!!!

Follow this list and have fun...

  • First make separate piles for each cosmetic:eye shadows, lipsticks. blushes, brushes, etc.
  • Get a trashcan to have near by so you can toss stuff right away.
  • Make a keeper pile
  • If you just bought new make-up place in keeper pile

Here is the rule of thumb for shelf life for cosmetics. After that you should toss the makeup out and buy new makeup.

Lipsticks:5-6months if kept sanitized

Blushes, powder foundations, loose finishing powder: 1 year

Liquid foundations: 4-5 months, keep in cool place, change seasonally to be for sure your keeping up with shelf life. You can also tell if it's extremely old if the oil and water in the product separates.

Eyeshadow:5-6 months because it comes in contact with your eyes

Mascara:3-4 months

Eyeliners & brow liners: 6months or more because you can sharpen them

Keep cosmetics closed and keep in cool dry places.

That's all Mamas.

It's "Beauty Clean Up Week" so keep looking for the clean up blogs.

-Peace Mamas

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