Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Self Image: Learning to love the MAMA body after the babies

Standing in front of the mirror, I look at the body of a Mama. Yes, that reflection is me. I have days when I like my reflection and times when I hate it. Media shows famous women back in a size 2 after they have had a baby. Some women are rumoured to have tummy tucks right after giving birth. I think about these women and wonder is it worth it. Are we that vain? I liked my body before the babies. I cant entirely say that now, but I'm growing to love my body. I have stretch marks , sagging parts , and I'll keep the rest to my self. I see all these flaws in the mirror but I turn around and look at my sons. Having a baby your body goes through drastic changes to accommodate the life growing inside you. I had to realize some things won't look the same on my body and some parts will. I can try to lose the weight and tone my body , but will I be satisfied? Learn to love the skin your in because its the only one you have for now. I have a husband and sons who think I'm beautiful shouldn't that be the only thing that counts. I say to you Mamas, stop looking in the mirror criticizing your self. Love the beautiful skin your in. Your beautiful Mamas, stretch marks and all.

-Peace Mamas.

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