Saturday, June 21, 2008

Not too early... get the kiddies involved with skincare

My oldest son Jasiyah tells me he is handsome all the time. He is so in love with him self. One day I was watching him look in the mirror and I wondered will he have nice skin in the future. Then I decided that Jasiyah could start early on a skin care regimen. It's not too early to begin skin care with little ones. Children at an early age learn to brush their teeth, comb their hair, put on clothes, and many other personal care routines. So I ask, why can't they learn to take care of their skin? If your child is 3yrs old and up start them on a skin care regimen. Do your skin care routine along with your child or children. Show them how to care of their skin by example. They have beautiful skin now help them to maintain it. Here is a simple "Kiddie Skincare Regimen" Play some music, while your child goes through the steps. The kids will find it fun and exciting .

Kiddie Care Plan

  • First, let him/her wash their face with a cleanser. Only a small amount of cleanser is needed.

My suggestions are to use (Cetaphil Cleanser, Noxzema, or Boscia:Soothing Cleansing Cream)

  • Then let him or her wipe their face down with Witch Hazel on a cotton ball .
  • Finish off with having him/her apply a natural moisturizer on their face in circles.

Use (Olive Oil or Aloe Vera Gel)

Get your little ones on the right track to skin care success!!!

-Peace Mamas, lil mamas, & lil papas

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