Saturday, June 14, 2008

Chocolate Lovers Delight

I love chocolate!!! When I was pregnant with my
4rth son I ate a hand full of Hershey Kisses everyday. They say you should eat dark chocolate because it's healthier , but I like milk chocolate. Most women know when its that time of the month you have a crave for chocolate. If your like me and feel guilty for eating chocolate everyday , try indulging your self in some chocolate treats for the skin.

Check out My list of Chocolate Delights!!!

  • Laura Mercier:Chocolate Truffle Bath & Body Collection

  • Philosophy:Just Because

( This has a trio of chocolate scents milk,white, and dark chocolate)

  • The Merry Chocoholic

Their site is full of chocolate products, check it out

  • Gourmet Body Treatments

This site has Chocolate Bath Truffles, Chocolate Salt Glow, and much more tasty treats for the body. All their products are organic for you natural junkies.

  • Everything

This site has Chocolate perfume, shampoo, bubble bath and candles

No more guilt Mamas. You don't gain weight from inhaling chocolate scents.

-Enjoy Hot Chocolate Mamas

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