Friday, June 13, 2008

Are you the enemy of your skin?

Last night my son came to me and said I hurt my self. I looked and asked him where did you hurt your self, he then showed me the inside of his arm. His arm had little red bumps on it and red scratch marks. I knew he had came in contact with something that gave him an allergic reaction. He probably sat in front of the t.v. for a good while scratching on his arm. Can we be our worst enemy to our skin? I believe we go through the day not even realizing what we may do to ourselves . Simple habits or sanitation practices we can change may just give our skin a fighting chance to be beautiful. I turn to you Mamas and ask are you the enemy of your skin? Here are a list of things you might do that make you an enemy .

  • Picking your pimples while watching t.v., when nervous, and on the computer
  • Wearing your hair on your face
  • Not changing your pillow cases
  • Using the same washcloth that you use on you body for your face
  • Touching your face with unwashed hands
  • Using washcloths that have color/ try using white wash clothes
  • Not wearing a SPF
  • Scratching your skin
  • Going to bed with make-up on
  • Not cleaning your make-up brushes
  • Choosing the wrong products for your skin

If your doing any of the above listed try to change them and you might see a difference. Keep reading the blogs for more expert skin care advice.

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