Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sistah Beauty Mamas

Hey Mamas, I was watching the Tyra show today and I thought about my sisters. On the show Tyra was talking about ugly girls, pretty girls, confidence, and inner beauty. Tyra also confronted her high school best friend about how envious she was of her in the past. She felt like an ugly duckling and her friend was beautiful and confident. Its fine to get all dolled up and be glamorous. Its fine to be a plain Jane. If your okay with your self then others will be okay with you. I have three sisters that are beautiful. All of them have their own style, personality, and beauty that
sets them apart. I know at times my sisters and I have expressed the
times we felt beautiful and the times we felt ugly. My father told me there is nothing more attractive than a confident woman. Find your inner beauty and don't be afraid to tell someone else they are beautiful. We as sistahs have to stop being haters and find the beauty within one another. So with saying that Keha, Courtney, & Kristin you are my three beautiful sisters. I love you all!!! Later...

-Peace MAMAS

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