Friday, May 21, 2010

Pretty in Pink Facial

Hey Mamas,
Every woman needs a little pink in her life and why not put it on your face. I saw this "Pretty in Pink Facial" on the show The Doctors. I wanted to share this facial with you. I put my own little spin on it. Try it this weekend and feel Pretty in Pink.
You will need...
Guava Fruit cut up in small pieces
Plain Yogurt
Grape Fruit Juice squeezed from the grape fruit
One Grape Fruit cut in small pieces
a bowl
a paint brush , facial brush to apply the mask
a small spray bottle
What to do:
First cleanse your face with a cleanser and warm water.
Then mix the guava pieces, grapefruit pieces, and plain yogurt together in a bowl
Make sure the mixture is blended well into a paste.
Brush the mask on the face and leave on for 10 minutes.
Rinse the mask off and mix water and the squeezed grape fruit juice together in a spay bottle.
Spray the mixture on your face and blot with a tissue
To complete the facial apply a nice moisturizer on.
Have fun!
Also I will be giving Pretty In Pink Mini Facials@ an event coming soon in July!
Keep a look out for updates...
-Peace & Many Blessings

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