Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Prego Partying: Belly Dance, Have Fun, It's Okay!....

When my friend asked me to come out for her birthday I was kind of hesitant. Going out to dance and not sit down and eat... Can a prego girl do that? After great positive feed back I decided I wanted to go. My only dilemma came about trying to find something to wear. Searching in my closet I found nothing. Then I realized you want something to hide your belly. So I got over it and realized...duh your pregnant...be cute and comfy! I finally found a great dress to wear and put my own spin on it. I made sure to paint my toes although I struggled, lol. I made sure I felt happy and looked great. After dealing with kids all day and being tired from late nights of no sleep I was ready to have a good time. I had a great time celebrating my friend's birthday. I danced and had fun with my friends and it  was very much needed. Some people will say you have to stay at home while pregnant but I say if your feeling okay go have a good time. A pregnancy is not meant to be hidden. I'm not telling my prego readers party every night and go get drunk...
Going out celebrating with friends and dancing won't hurt you. Christina Milian, Kourtny Kardashian, and many other Prego Mamas have been spotted out having a good time with friends and family. I'm not a celebrity but that night I had fun like one...lol.

Here are some tips on staying comfy if you choose to party

  • Choose an outfit you are comfortable in.
  • Drink plenty of water before going out and stay hydrated
  • Make sure you eat before you go out
  • Have a friend that will make sure you are okay thru the night
  • Its OK to sit down and relax...friends will come to you while you sit.
  • Make sure you have a safe driver if riding with others
  • Hand rails are your friend use them and a buddies' hand
Have fun every once in a while prego mamas because soon late nights will be diaper changing and bottle feeding!

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