Thursday, August 26, 2010

She is scared to wear her real hair....

  I wasn't surprised when Tyra Banks did a show on black women scared to wear their real hair. On the show she had two women that only wore weaves and one that never wore her natural curly texture. The women on the show were in tears while explaining why they hate their real hair. When did the black woman become ashamed of her own natural hair? I believe it has been an on going cycle for black women to teach their daughters that their hair is ugly. As a child I don't remember loving my hair and being told it was beautiful. I used to put long t-shirts over my head and pretend to have long lavish hair. I know many other young black girls dreamed of long straight "beautiful" hair. Now the nappy headed girl with short hair can buy a bundle of hair and say its hers. As we stand in the mirror we hate our hair. We make sure to take drastic measures to make sure nobody ever will see the beautiful hair God has given us.

I don't blame my mother or any other black woman for the epidemic of self hate. I do blame society and the media. Black women are the top consumers of beauty products and these major companies know that. Big hair companies spend billions on making sure we stay relaxed and straight.I don't think its wrong to wear fake hair but when you cant live without it... that's a problem. A weave should be something you wear every once in a while for change. Yes,mama you bought it and now it's yours but please don't make it a habit to wear fake hair all your life. Deep down in some way a black woman knows she is hating her self by hating her hair.  During the Tyra Bank's show the women that hated their hair had the weaves removed and had their natural hair styled beautifully. All the women at the end of the show loved how their hair looked without a weave. Education and proper care is the key to wearing natural hair. Go to hair meet ups, read books about hair, try different products, find a knowledgeable natural hair stylist, the options are endless. A weave or relaxer are not the only options for us.

Love the hair and skin your in....

-Peace & Many Blessings


  1. Hey Maaaaamaaa! Where can I find information about these meet-_ups?

  2. If you live in MD, DC, or VA area they have meetups during the month...
    Checkout this link

    If you dont live in those areas try looking on Try to find out if there is any natural hair meetup groups in your state by doing a search.