Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Do You Have The Clown Brow Syndrome?...

Many of us have had the "Clown Brows" or right now as I speak have "Clown Brows". We some how over pluck our brows and then draw over them with a brow pencil. I perfected the clown brows for many years in high school. I don't have that much eye brows to work with from the beginning but then I had the nerve to make them super skinny. I have had clients that barely had eyebrows want me to wax away the little bit of brow hair they have. I know most women love the arch and want their eyebrows to look clean. Beautiful arched eyebrows open the eyes and the face up. Thin eyebrows make you look clownish and surprised all the time. Using waxy eyebrow pencils are a no, no for any type of brow. So you may have the Clown Brows Syndrome or naturally have thin brows and want them to be normal...

Follow these quick and easy tips for the perfect brow!

  • Give your eyebrows time to grow in. I don't care how unruly they may look. Use brow gel and a brow comb while giving your brows a chance to grow back
  • Never use waxy brow pencils
  • If you choose to pluck your eye brows...pluck outside of the brow. Try to keep the natural shape of your eyebrows. You can use a white eyeliner pencil to draw the shape you would like and then pluck around the borders.
  • Your eyebrows already have a natural arch so if you get them plucked, waxed, or threaded tell the person arching them to stay around the natural line of your brow.
  • Brow scissors can be your friend. You can buy them at any drug store. Brow scissors are great for trimming around the brow and cutting down the fly away hairs..(note: this tool is great for full eyebrows too)
  • Finally I will say just don't over do it! You want your brows to look clean but natural.
Also know that the beginning of you brow should line up with the outer curve of your nostril. The tail of the brow should line up diagonally from the outer corner of you mouth. May sound strange but take a pencil and try to do this in the mirror.

A must have for the perfect brow...I love it  and use it every time I do my makeup.

... Its only $3! You can get it at Target or Online.
The brow kit reminds me of NARS and Smashbox's eye kits and it works just as well. It comes with the brow gel and powder that makes a great combination for the perfect brows. Use this kit to fill in and shape out the brow line. I recommend this kit over a pencil any day. It may take some time to master but it works BTW it comes with a little brow brush that works! Try it you will love it.

Say bye, bye to the Clown Brow Syndrome and hello Eyebrow Perfection!

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