Tuesday, November 2, 2010

In search of the good cookie...

   Cookie Monster always loves one good cookie. Well ok the truth is out... I watch too many kiddie shows and I love cookies. My friend's daughter was over and their family always eats healthy food I would probably never try anything organic if it wasn't for them. After my friend picked her daughter up I saw her cookie left behind. I read the label NOatmeal Raisin. I thought to my self yuck...a healthy cookie. I continued reading the label ...made without wheat or gluten. I have tried certain organic or vegan made food but never really like the taste. I love the way my friends cook their food but never do it my self.

    So after smelling the cookie...lol I decided to try it. I tried one bite and fell in love with the taste of the cookie. My youngest son and I ate the cookie up forgetting it belonged to someone else. Daniele will probably get me for eating Yapah's cookie if she reads this blog. The company is called Sun Flour Baking Company and their tag line is "The Feel Good Cookie". You don't have to feel guilty for eating this big cookie because its a great source of fiber and calcium. Another great thing is the label has all the ingredients on it and you can read every word. It's great to know there is a one great healthy cookie out there with delicious flavor. OK enough cookie talk I'm starting to sound like my boy Cookie Monster(wink @ my buddy Ethan & his Mommy Sab).

If you like to know where to purchase a "Feel Good Cookie"...check out www.SUNFLOURBAKING.com
Try their cookies. I dont think you will be disappointed.

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