Monday, August 9, 2010

Why a HATER Hates?...



          We all have probably wondered why someone may hate us. Did we give them a reason to hate? Maybe that person never had a reason to hate you. I do know you can compare a hater to a bully. A hater usually isn't someone your scared of's more of a pest or an annoyance to your life. A person that hates usually has low self esteem and lacks confidence. You can see these same qualities in a bully. A hater can be someone very close to you or someone you don't know. At times we feel sorry for a person that's a hater because their life revolves around trying to make someone else feel bad about their self. A hater only wants someone to feel exactly like them. All that time spent on hating instead of building up their own esteem to stop hating and be happy. If your not aware of the devices of a hater you can find your self being just like them.
          A hater hates because they hate the person staring right back at them in the mirror. Some where deep inside the person their hating they wish to be like. Learn from a hater to keep loving and move on. It was once said it takes more muscles and time to make a frown. Life is not worth the time to be unhappy and to be angry. I say if your a hater or find your self slipping into hater mode... take a good look in the mirror and ask your self is this really worth my time. Its very easy to be negative than to be positive. You never know when its too late to make a change so why not do it today.

_Peace& Many Blessings

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