Sunday, October 3, 2010

Forgiving...and moving on

Breathe in and breathe out...I close my eyes meditate and open.
Yeah, I'm ready to write...release... and move on.

The season has changed and so do many situations in life.Funny how many things remain the same but get worse with time. At times we will truly continue to go in circles never understanding the lesson God wants us to learn. When someone shows you hate repeatedly in your own vain mind you believe acting as cruel as them will solve the problems. I know I have resorted to the great anger cover up. You cover up true emotions with anger to hide how much pain you may feel. Its so easy to do wrong than right. So if another one close to you is hurtful the reaction is to hurt them back. After receiving wisdom and much needed understanding I know railing for railing wont solve anything. That's where forgiveness comes in to play. Forgiving someone even if they are the one hurting you or they dont deserve it. When you forgive you don't have to take on other people's negative move on and be you. Many times I have found my self taking on an other's character and only feeling worse in the end. If you can forgive, move on , and love it will feel so much better. We give over more power than we think to others and only realize it when someone else tells you "Dag ,why you let so and so take control of your feelings like that?". If someone hurts you, hates you, or just doesn't want to change you cant make that problem yours. I'm learning to put Christ first and move on from hate. I cant always look at others and say they are the cause of my misery or pain if I'm the one letting them get in. I choose to move on and look forward to better days.

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