Thursday, December 9, 2010

I learned something from Rudy Huxtable...the principle thing

Today I was watching the Cosby Show. Rudy had picked out this purple summer dress to wear to her friend's party. Her mother told her it was fall and too cold for the dress to be worn outside.She then went to her father and asked to wear the dress. Her mother caught her asking her dad and Rudy got in trouble for going over her mother's decision. Vanessa was leaving out with her boyfriend Robert to the mall and had on a summer shirt...pastel pink and short sleeved. Rudy saw the shirt and questioned Vanessa about her wearing summer clothes during fall. Vanessa let her know she was older and could pick her own clothes. She told Rudy you need direction from mommy its good for you. Rudy needed to learn the principle of things to move on to greater freedom.

     Okay, yes I did ramble on for a minute but I had to let you know the story. Its funny because my friend I stayed up late one night talking about somethings similar to Rudy's story. When we are young we hate our parents telling us no. As a child you want your freedom and think your parents are being mean. When really your parents are rearing you towards being a responsible adult.  Parents will watch their child to understand what they can do or what they are not ready for. The same principle goes for God. He gives and lets certain things happen to you to see how you handle things. You have to first make sure a foundation is established to obtain different levels of spiritual freedom and physical freedom. You learn the principle of what makes a foundation strong as a child and also as an adult. Every step you make must have some support to it or you will be right back to the same spot. The great thing is when you make the same mistakes if your foundation is strong you can get back up again and keep going. Rudy had to learn she cant pick out her clothes yet with out understanding the wheather. Summer clothes are for summer not fall. Vanessa let her know a jacket must be worn if I wear this summer shirt. Rudy was learning and after she had a good cry her dad helped her pick out a wonderful Fall outfit. If you have the foundation of the basics you can never go wrong. There is always a lesson to learn in life no matter if its good or bad.

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