Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Back 2 Love

So I, Gotta find my way back, way back, to you baby. 
Trying to find my way back, way back, to you baby.
 Gotta find my way back, way back, to you to us, to love 

Who ever said loving one another is easy. At times love becomes even more complicated when tribulation comes. We hate the bad times but love when all is good. Have we ever sat down to think the bad times makes us appreciate the good. Sometimes separating gives you time to reflect and go back to your first love. Love has to be found within your self with Christ first before you can love someone else. We go through endless circles wondering will we ever love again. In our mind so much bad has happen we believe love can never exist again. We  must first truly know what love is... its not an emotion or a condition. So many people will say love is Christ but never really understand the saying. Following what Christ wants you to do for your self first and then to others makes love never end but continue. If I'm doing what I can to please Christ then I will in turn be able to please everyone around me...husband, children, sisters or brothers. Finding our way back to each other in a relationship must first begin with healing within your self. If you cant love alone how can you love another person?

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