Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hidden Blaque Beauty: The Queen Charlotte Sophia

Don't adjust your eyes or look twice. Yes she is a black woman. Queen Charlotte Sophia was beautiful and intelligent. She was the consort of King George the 3rd and yes he was black as well. The mother of 15 children and queen of England. Queen Charlotte contributed greatly to England. Some of her contributions are still known today. She created orphanages, maternity wings in hospitals, and much more. I just wanted to inform you Mamas on a beauty unknown. Society doesn't want you to see how great you are. We come from royalty that carried themselves with dignity.When can we call ourselves queens? The title of a queen must be found within. The title wont make sense if you don't show it and live it. Read up on Queen Charlotte Sophia. The essence of a Queen comes from the beauty you already possess.
-Peace 2 The Queens

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