Tuesday, June 19, 2012


She is a trendsetter, knows how to make a statement, and creative beyond measure. Who am I talking about? Fashion Designer Jasmine Elder of JIBRI brings amazing and out of the box fashion to Plus Size Women. We love her bold prints and unique designs. I was able to talk to Jessica about JIBRI and see some of her  designs that will turn heads on any woman that wears them. You’re in store for a great interview…

What made you become a fashion designer? Why the name JIBRI?
I've been creating my own garments since I was a kid so 
I think that is something that has always been a part of me. When I was in high school, I’d stay up every night making some crazy overly costumed get up (Dresses made from pennies-skirts covered in rhinestones etc). I was basically a club kid in Georgia (which was hilarious on so many levels).  I met a friend who had her clothes custom made by this designer named JIBRI MANN. I was immediately drawn to him. He taught me to really construct a garment. He taught me to make patterns--He taught me so many things including the fact that it was necessary that I never ever stop dreaming big dreams. (Corny I know…but that’s exactly what he’d say).  A whirlwind of events (including fashion study in NY and Europe) lead me back to my sewing machine after an almost 10 year break and I started the line aptly named, JIBRI.

How does your fashion line stand out of the ordinary?
The main stand out point is that JIBRI is dedicated to plus size women only.

Jasmine, I see in your clothing line you use very daring lines and bold prints. How do you come up with such appealing designs for plus size women?  
JIBRI is designed for the strong yet feminine curvy woman. This woman is also confident. She deserves bold prints and vibrant colors because she is bold and vibrant. I don’t water down the design because of the size of my consumer.

Do you feel there is a lack of designers catering to curvy women?
 I'm actually really impressed that designers are starting to expand to plus sizes. Plus sized clothing is definitely a lot "sexier" than it used to be, but it's still a void in fashionable pieces that say "chic". I’m eager to see the industry embrace and appreciate fabulous fit and quality construction. Overall, the industry is growing at an astonishing rate and that makes me happy.
What or who has inspired you in fashion?
I’m heavily influenced by music, art, vintage cinema, underground culture
& iconic female figures. I’m also a travel junkie so I pick up inspiration from different parts of the world all the time.

What should every woman have in her wardrobe to make her feel fabulous?
A signature haircut, a lip color that mesmerizes, a classic trench coat (this creates glamour regardless of what’s underneath), a pair of shoes that creates crowd frenzy and at least one dress that makes her smile every time she looks at it.
What do you see in the future for JIBRI?
I hope to be able to solidify JIBRI as a globally recognizable boutique
brand for the glamorous, sophisticated and highly fashionable curvy woman.
Describe your fashion line in 3 words?
Elegant, chic & classic

Thank you so much Jasmine…

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